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  2023 Statement A Protected B when completed
 This page is to be completed by AgriStability participants only PIN: Operation 1 of 1  
 Has the productive capacity of this operation decreased during the
program year due to disaster circumstances?
  If you participated in crop or production insurance in the program year for this
operation, provide the Contract or Identification numbers in the following fields.
 For crops: Yes No      
 For livestock: Yes No      
 Crop inventory valuation and productive capacity  
Code Crop/Grade Units Acres Unseedable acres Quantity produced Ending inventory End of yearprice $
17  Summerfallow acres  
18  Pasture acres  
19  Wasteland acres  
 Livestock inventory valuation    Purchased inputs
Code Description Ending inventory End of year price $   Code Description End of year amount $
 Livestock productive capacity    Deferred income and receivables
Code  Productive animals Units Quantity   Code Description Ending receivables and
income deferred to 2024 $
104  Cattle  Number of cows that calved      
123  Hogs, farrow to finish  Number of sows that farrowed  
145  Hogs, farrowing  Number of sows that farrowed  
Code  Number of feeder livestock Units Quantity  
105  Feeder cattle (fed up to 900 lbs)  Number of animals fed  
106  Finished cattle (fed over 900 lbs)  Number of animals fed  
125  Hogs, nursery (fed up to 50 lbs)  Number of animals fed  
124  Hogs, feeders (fed over 50 lbs)  Number of animals fed  
Code  Custom fed livestock Units Quantity  
141  Custom fed cattle  Number of animal feed days    
142  Custom fed hogs  Number of animal feed days    Accounts payable
Code  Supply managed commodities Units Quantity   Code Description End of year amount $
113  Milk quota, milkfat  Number of kg of butterfat/day  
108  Chickens, layers, broiler eggs for hatching  Number of producing hens  
109  Chickens, layers, eggs for consumption  Number of producing hens  
143  Chickens, broilers  Number of kg produced  
144  Turkeys, broilers  Number of kg produced  
Code  Other (specify below) Units Quantity  
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