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Protected B when completed
Step 3 – Calculate your travel deduction
Complete Chart A if you qualify for this deduction and you are allocating a portion of your or your eligible family member's $1,200 standard
amount for a trip. See example 4 on page 4 which demonstrates how to complete Chart A. Complete Chart B to calculate your travel deduction.
Chart A Individual 1 Individual 2 Individual 3 Individual 4  
A Enter the name of each individual, including yourself, whose
travel you are claiming. See Step 3 in the instructions.
  Enter the name of everyone (including Name 1:  
  yourself) who is claiming a deduction Amount 1:  
  for trips taken by the individual in row A Name 2:  
B and the total portion of the $1,200 Amount 2:  
  standard amount allocated by each Name 3:  
  claimant for all trips by that individual. Amount 3:  
C Enter the total of all amounts in row B.
This total cannot be more than $1,200.
Chart B
  Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Enter the lowest amount from  
  Enter the name of
the person who
took the trip.
See Step 3 in the
Enter the
purpose of the
trip. Other travel
(vacation, family
Enter either the
taxable travel benefit
or the portion of the
individual’s $1,200
Enter the amount of
travel expenses for
each trip taken. See
notes 2
Enter the cost of the
lowest return
column 3, 4, or 5 in the column
for the prescribed zone(s)
you resided in at the time of the trip.
  instructions. reasons) or
medical travel.
standard amount for
the trip.(1)
and 4 in the
  Zone A
Zone B
            +   +    
            +   +    
            +   +    
            +   +    
            +   +    
            +   +    
            +   +    
            +   +    
          +   +    
          +   +    
          +   +    
          +   +    
          +   +    
          +   +    
          +   +    
          +   +    
  Total  =   A =   B  
(1) This can be either the portion of the individual’s $1,200 standard amount that you allocated to the trip or the taxable travel benefit you received from
employment for the trip (if any). See note 1 on page 3.
(2) This is the cost of the lowest return airfare available at the time of the trip between the airport closest to your residence and the nearest designated
city to that airport. See note 3 and note 4 on page 3.
Enter the total from box A. 67540  14
Enter the total from box B. 67560 x 50% =   +  15
Line 14 plus line 15 Travel deduction   =  16
Step 4 – Calculate your northern residents deductions
Enter the amount from line 13 in Step 2. Residency deduction    17
Enter the amount from line 16 in Step 3. Travel deduction   +  18
Line 17 plus line 18      
Enter this amount on line 25500 of your return. Northern residents deductions   =  19
See the privacy notice on your return.
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