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Chart 1 – Eligible expenses (other than CCA) on which you paid GST/HST
  (1) Total expenses (2) Non-eligible portion of expenses (3) Eligible expenses (col. 1 minus col. 2)
Type of expenses 5% GST 13% HST 14% HST 15% HST 5% GST 13% HST 14% HST 15% HST 5% GST 13% HST 14% HST 15% HST
  A B C D A B C D A B C D
  Accounting and legal fees                        
  Advertising and promotion                        
  Food, beverages, and entertainment                        
  Other expenses (please specify)                        
  Tradesperson's tools expenses (for employees)                        
  Apprentice mechanic tools expenses (for employees)                        
  Musical instrument expenses other than CCA                        
  Artists' employment expenses                        
  Union, professional, or similar dues                        
Motor vehicle expenses: Fuel                          
  Maintenance and repairs                        
  Insurance, licence, registration, and interest  
  Other expenses                        
Work space in home                          
  Electricity, heat, and water                        
  Insurance and property taxes  
  Other expenses (please specify)                        
  Total eligible expenses (other than CCA) in each of columns 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D          
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