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T1 2023 
Information about your Residency Status
Schedule D
Protected B when completed
Complete this schedule if you were a non-resident of Canada, deemed non-resident of Canada, or factual resident of Canada,
in 2023, who is also completing a provincial or territorial Form 428.
Attach a copy of this schedule to your return.
  Your residency status
  Tick the box below that applies to you:
  You were a non-resident of Canada 17700 1 Yes
  You were a deemed non-resident of Canada 17700 2 Yes
  You were a factual resident of Canada 17700 5 Yes
For more information on residency status, see Income Tax Folio S5-F1-C1, Determining an Individual's Residence Status.
For information about which tax package you should use, see "Find out which tax package is for you" in Guide T4058,
Non-Residents and Income Tax.
If you were a part-year resident of Canada, do not complete this schedule.
Note: If you were a non-resident or deemed non-resident of Canada reporting income from employment in Canada, or from a
business that had a permanent establishment in Canada, enter the province or territory where you earned the income
under "Your province or territory of residence on December 31, 2023" in the "Residence information" section on page 1
of your income tax and benefit return.
See the privacy notice on your return.
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