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Protected B when completed
Employees' Pension Plan Income Tax Return
Unless otherwise stated, each legislative reference in this return is to the Income Tax Act. Do not use this area.
As a trustee of a trusteed pension plan or as a pension corporation that administers a pension plan, you have to complete
this form every year. Complete all applicable schedules. Enter "Nil" in any area of a schedule that does not apply.
Custodial trustees whose only function is to hold individual annuity contracts and who are not the trustees of a pension
plan should not complete this form. When a trustee does not act as administrator of the pension plan, the trustee is still
responsible for obtaining and reporting the required information on this form.
Attach a statement of the pension plan's assets and liabilities as at the end of the tax year and a reconciliation of the year
-end balance in the plan with that of the immediately preceding year. If the conditions outlined in the instructions to
Schedule 2 are met, we will accept a completed Schedule 2 instead of these financial statements.
Send one completed T3P return, along with any payment owing and the required financial statements, no later than 90
days from the end of the tax year. Tax year refers to the calendar year for a trust and to the fiscal period for a pension
corporation. If you do not file this return on time, we will charge penalties and interest on any amount owing.
If the plan is not registered under the Income Tax Act throughout its period of operation or existence during the tax year, the income may be taxable. To report
taxable income or claim a Part XII.2 tax credit, complete the T3 Trust Income Tax and Information Return.
If this return is being filed for a trust, as a trustee you may be required to file a T3 Schedule 15 - Beneficial ownership information of a trust, along with a T3-RCA
Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA) Part XI.3 Return, or a T3RET T3 Trust Income Tax and Information Return. For more information, refer to T4013,
T3 Trust Guide.
You can get a copy of Guide T4013, T3 Trust Guide and the T3 Trust Forms from our Web site at canada.ca/cra-forms-publications or by calling
Identification and other information
 Is this an amended return? 1 Yes No Is this return a first year filing? 1 Yes 2 No Tax year of return   
 Name of plan Account number (if one has been assigned)
 Province or territory of residence of the plan Plan registration number Your language of correspondence:
English  French 
Trustee information (Choose only one of the two following options and fill in the required information about the trustee or pension corporation.)
Enter only the information of the trustee that is the CRA's primary contact. Do not enter information for any other trustees.
Option 1 – The trustee is an Individual (For example, a trustee, a filer, a custodian, an executor, a liquidator, or an administrator)
 First name of trustee  Last name of trustee  Telephone number
 Address City Province/Territory or State Country  Postal or ZIP code
Option 2 – The trustee is a Non-individual (For example, a corporation, a partnership, or a trust company)
 Name of non-individual trustee
 First name of contact person  Last name of contact person  Telephone number
 Address City Province/Territory or State Country  Postal or ZIP code
Information about the trust
 Address where the trust or pension corporation keeps its books and records (if different from trustee's address)  City
 Province/Territory or State Country  Postal or ZIP code
 Give the date the trust came into existence ►   Give the date the trust ►    
 (effective date of registration) Year Month Day ceased to exist Year Month Day  
 Did the trust also file a related T3RET, T3 Trust If yes, provide the related
 Income Tax and Information Return? Yes
trust account number. T  
 If the trust or pension corporation transferred the plan assets to a new trust, pension corporation, or insurance company, give the name of the new trust, pension
corporation, or insurance company, and the date the funds were transferred.
  Name of new trust, pension corporation, or insurance company   Year Month Day  
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Protected B when completed
Summary of tax or refund
  Tax payable under subsection 207.1(5) on agreements to acquire shares (amount from line 5)   190   •1
  Minus: Payments on account   010   •2
  Balance owing or refund (line 1 minus line 2)   090   = •3
If the result is positive, you have a balance owing. If the result is negative, you have a refund.  
Generally, we do not charge or refund a difference of $2 or less.  
Amount enclosed   095   •4
Refund code (see the guide for details)    102    5
  Balance owing: Attach a cheque or money order payable to the Receiver General. Do not mail cash.    
  Refund: To receive a refund by direct deposit, complete Form T3-DD, Direct Deposit Request for T3.
Schedule 1 – Tax under subsection 207.1(5) on agreements to acquire shares
  If the trust or pension corporation entered into an agreement (other than for the acquisition, or the writing by it, of an option listed on a designated stock
exchange) to acquire shares of the capital stock of a corporation (other than from the corporation) at a price different from the fair market value when acquired,
it may have to pay tax under subsection 207.1(5).
  If this is the case, complete Form T2000, Calculation of Tax on Agreements to Acquire Shares, and attach it to this return. Enter the amount determined on
Form T2000 on line 5 below.
  Tax on agreements to acquire shares (enter this amount on line 1)   241   6
Schedule 2 – Receipts and disbursements (including capital gains and losses) of the pension plan in the tax year
  Complete this schedule by listing all disbursements and losses, and all receipts and gains. We will accept a completed Schedule 2 instead of financial
statements if all the contributions, forfeitures, and income the trustees or pension corporation received were both:
  invested in life insurance, annuity, deposit administration, or segregated fund contracts (with an insurance company or the Annuities Branch, Employment
Insurance Commission)
  held by the trust or pension corporation
Disbursements and losses Receipts and gains
 Pension benefits paid $      Employees' current service contributions $    
 Annuities purchased in settlement of pension benefits  Employees' past service contributions $    
 (subsection 147.4(1)) $      Employers' current service contributions $    
 Administration costs and expenses  Employers' past service contributions $    
 incurred in earning income $      Investment income (interest, dividends, etc.) $    
 Capital losses $      Capital gains $    
 Other disbursements (specify) $      Other (specify) $    
 Total disbursements and losses $      Total receipts and gains $    
   Minus: Total disbursements and losses $    
   Net increase (decrease) in the pension plan $    
I,  , certify that the information given on this return and in any attached documents is correct, complete and fully
(Print name)   discloses all of my income.
  Signature of trustee or trust company official Position or office (if trustee is a corporation) Telephone number Date (YYYY MM DD)
How to file this return
  By internet By mail
  You have the option to file this return through EFILE. For more
information about this filing method, go to canada.ca/efile.
Sudbury Tax Centre
T3 Trust Returns Program
Canada Revenue Agency
1050 Notre Dame Avenue
Sudbury ON P3A 6C2
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compliance, and collection. The information collected may be disclosed to other federal, provincial, territorial, aboriginal or foreign government institutions to the extent authorized by law.
Failure to provide this information may result in paying interest or penalties, or in other actions. Under the Privacy Act, individuals have a right of protection, access to and correction of
their personal information, or to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding the handling of their personal information. Refer to Personal Information Bank CRA
PPU 015 on Information about Programs and Information Holdings at canada.ca/cra-information-about-programs.
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