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Protected B when completed  
  Step 1: Calculating your qualifying expenditures
  Complete this step to calculate the amount of MHRTC you can claim for the qualifying renovation.
  If you paid qualifying expenditures for more than one qualifying renovation, complete this step for each qualifying renovation
using an additional sheet of paper.
  Date on Vendor or contractor   Amount paid  
  sales slip   GST/HST No. Description (including all  
  or contract
(if applicable)   applicable  
  Total amount paid from all sales slips and contracts included  
  in the table above and any additional sheets of paper Total qualifying expenditures    = 1
  Any amount that can reasonably be considered to be reimbursed (including government  
  assistance received or receivable) included in the amount on line 1   2
  Line 1 minus line 2 (maximum $50,000 per qualifying renovation)   = 3
  Maximum amount per qualifying renovation    4
  Amount of eligible expenses being claimed by other eligible individuals    5
  Line 4 minus line 5   =  6
  Enter whichever is less:      
  amount from line 3 or line 6. Your qualifying expenditures for the qualifying renovation   7
  Step 2: Calculating your MHRTC
  Add the amounts from line 7 for each qualifying renovation. Your total qualifying expenditures 45354  8
  Applicable rate   x                  15%  9
  Line 8 multiplied by the percentage from line 9 Multigenerational home renovation tax credit    
  Enter this amount on line 45355 of your return. (maximum $7,500 per qualifying renovation)   = 10
See the privacy notice on your return.    
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