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  Canada Flag Canada Revenue
Agence du revenu
du Canada
Protected B when completed   
    Income Tax and Benefit Return T1 2023   
  If this return is for a deceased person, enter their information on this page. For more information, see Guide T4011,
Preparing Returns for Deceased Persons.
  Attach to your paper return only the documents that are requested to support your deduction, claim or expense. Keep all other
documents in case the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) asks to see them later.
  Step 1 – Identification and other information   8  
First name
Last name
Social insurance
number (SIN)
  Marital status on
December 31, 2023:
              1 Married  
    Mailing address (apartment - number, street) Date of birth   2 Living common-law  
      (Year Month Day)    
          3 Widowed  
    PO Box   RR If this return is for    
        a deceased person,   4 Divorced  
      enter the date of death    
    City   Prov./Terr.   Postal code (Year Month Day)   5 Separated  
    Email address (Email notifications from the CRA)     6 Single  
    By providing an email address, you are registering to receive      
    email notifications from the CRA and agree to the Terms of   Your language of correspondence: English  
    use. To view the Terms of use, go to canada.ca/cra-email
  Votre langue de correspondance : Français  
    Residence information    
    Your province or territory of residence on December 31, 2023:   If you became a resident of Canada  
        in 2023 for income tax purposes, (Month Day)    
    If your province or territory of residence changed in   enter your date of entry:      
    2023, enter the date of your move. (YYYY-MM-DD)       
    Is your home address the same as your mailing address?
Your current province or territory of residence if it is different
Yes No    
    than your mailing address above:    
        If you ceased to be a resident  
    Province or territory where your business had a permanent   of Canada in 2023 for income      
    establishment if you were self-employed in 2023:   tax purposes, enter your (Month Day)    
        date of departure:    
    Your spouse's or common-law partner's information  
    Their first name Their SIN  
    Tick this box if they were self-employed in 2023.   1    
    Net income from line 23600 of their return to claim certain credits    
    (or the amount that it would be if they filed a return, even if the amount is "0")      
    Amount of universal child care benefit (UCCB) from line 11700 of their return      
    Amount of UCCB repayment from line 21300 of their return      
  Do not use
  5006-R E (23) (Ce formulaire est disponible en français.)     Page 1 of 8  
Protected B when completed  
  Step 1 – Identification and other information (continued)
  Elections Elections Canada  
    For more information, go to canada.ca/cra-elections-canada.  
    A) Do you have Canadian citizenship?  
    If yes, go to question B. If no, skip question B.   1 Yes 2 No  
    B) As a Canadian citizen, do you authorize the CRA to give your name, address, date of birth
and citizenship to Elections Canada to update the National Register of Electors or, if you are
    14 to 17 years of age, the Register of Future Electors?   1 Yes 2 No  
    Your authorization is valid until you file your next tax return. Your information will only be used for purposes permitted
under the Canada Elections Act, which include sharing lists of electors produced from the National Register of Electors
with provincial and territorial electoral agencies, members of Parliament, registered and eligible political parties, and
candidates at election time.
    Your information in the Register of Future Electors will be included in the National Register of Electors once you turn 18
and your eligibility to vote is confirmed. Information from the Register of Future Electors can be shared only with provincial
and territorial electoral agencies that are allowed to collect future elector information. In addition, Elections Canada can use
information in the Register of Future Electors to provide youth with educational information about the electoral process.
    Indian Act – Exempt income  
    Tick this box if you have income that is exempt under the Indian Act.  
    For more information about this type of income, go to canada.ca/taxes-indigenous-peoples.   1  
    If you ticked the box above, complete Form T90, Income Exempt from Tax under the Indian Act, so that the CRA can
calculate your Canada workers benefit for the 2023 tax year, if applicable, and your family's provincial or territorial benefits.
The information you provide on Form T90 will also be used to calculate your Canada training credit limit for the 2024 tax year.
    Climate action incentive payment  
    Tick this box if you reside outside of the census metropolitan areas (CMA) of Barrie, Belleville,
Brantford, Greater Sudbury, Guelph, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo,
London, Oshawa, the Ontario part of Ottawa-Gatineau, Peterborough, St. Catharines-Niagara,
Thunder Bay, Toronto or Windsor, as determined by Statistics Canada (2016), and expect to
    continue to reside outside the same CMA on April 1, 2024.   1  
    Note: If your marital status is married or living common-law, and both you and your spouse or common-law partner were
residing in the same location outside of a CMA, you must tick this box on both of your returns.
    Foreign property  
    Did you own or hold specified foreign property where the total cost amount of all such property,  
    at any time in 2023, was more than CAN$100,000? 26600 1 Yes 2 No  
    If yes, complete Form T1135, Foreign Income Verification Statement. There are substantial penalties for not filing
Form T1135 by the due date. For more information, see Form T1135.
    Consent to share contact information – Organ and tissue donor registry  
    I authorize the CRA to provide my name and email address to Ontario Health so that Ontario Health (Trillium
Gift of Life) may contact or send information to me by email about organ and tissue donation.
    For more information about organ and tissue donation in Canada, go to canada.ca/organ-tissue-donation.   1 Yes 2 No  
    Note: You are not consenting to organ and tissue donation when you authorize the CRA to share your contact information
with Ontario Health. Your authorization is only valid for the tax year for which you are filing this tax return. Your
information will only be collected under the Ontario Gift of Life Act.
  5006-R E (23) Page 2 of 8