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Information Return for the Electronic Filing of a Trust Return
The information on this form relates to the tax year shown in the top right corner. Tax year 
Before you fill out this form, read the information and instructions on page 2.
The contact identified in Part A (or the trust's legal representative) must sign Part E.
In Part A, enter only the information of the trustee, executor, liquidator, administrator or custodian who is the primary contact for the Canada
Renenue Agency (CRA). Do not enter information for any other contact persons.
Your electronic filer must fill out Part C and Part D before submitting your return.
Give the signed original of this form to your electronic filer and keep a copy for yourself.
 Part A – Identification and address as shown on the trust's return (mandatory)
 Residence of trust at the end of the tax year. Specify country. If Canada, enter the province or territory.  Trust account number
 Name of trust  Athlete's name (if Amateur Athlete Trust)
 Name of trustee, executor, liquidator, administrator or custodian  Telephone number
 Mailing address  City Province, Territory or State Country Postal or zip code
 Part B – Declaration of amounts from the T3 Return (mandatory)
 Select the type of T3 return you are filing, and enter the required information.
T3 Trust Income Tax and Information Return
  Total income (line 20)    
  Net income (line 50)    
  Taxable income (line 56)    
  Total taxes payable (line 84)    
  Total credits (line 93)    
  Balance owing or refund (line 94)    
  Total Part XI.3 tax payable or refundable in the year (line 646)    
  Tax on advantages and prohibited investments (line 653)    
  Balance owing or refund (line 663)    
  Total taxes payable (line 190)    
  Balance owing or refund (line 090)    
Part C – Electronic filer identification (mandatory)
  By signing Part E below, I declare that the following person or firm is electronically filing the return of the trust named in Part A.
Part E must be signed before the return is electronically transmitted.
  Name of person or firm : Electronic filer number :  
  Representative Identifier (Rep ID) :  
Part D – Document control number (mandatory)
  The document control number generated for my electronic record:  
Part E – Declaration and authorization (mandatory)
I declare that the information entered in Parts A, B and C is correct and complete and fully discloses the trust's income from all sources. I also declare that I have
read the information on page 2 of this form, and that the electronic filer identified in Part
C is filing the trust's return. I allow this electronic filer to communicate
with the CRA to correct any errors or omissions.
  Signature Name and title of contact identified in Part A or the trust's legal representative
(contact identified in Part A or the trust's legal representative)      
         Year      Month    Day     HH      MM     SS   
Privacy Act, personal information bank numbers CRA PPU 015 and CRA PPU 211
T183 TRUST E (23) (Ce formulaire est disponible en français.) Page 1 of 2

Information and Instructions
Part E – Declaration and authorization
If your return is being sent by EFILE, you have to fill out parts A, B, and E. By signing Part E, you acknowledge that under the Income Tax Act you have to:
keep all records used to prepare your return for a period of six years, and provide this information to the CRA on request
give the signed original of this form to the electronic filer named in Part C, and keep a copy for yourself
By signing Part E, you declare that the electronic filer named in Part C is electronically filing the trust's return on your behalf. If there are any errors or omissions
on the return, you authorize the CRA to:
disclose the errors or omissions to the electronic filer
if necessary, give the electronic filer the trust's information
You also authorize the electronic filer to correct errors if your return is rejected by making changes and transmitting your return again, so the
CRA can accept it for electronic filing. The electronic filer can do this as long as your refund or balance owing shown in Part B is not changed by more
than $300.
By signing Part E, you acknowledge that the CRA is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of your electronically filed tax information only after
accepting it.
By signing Part E, you declare that the information entered in Part A and the amounts showing in Part B are correct and complete, and fully disclose the
income from all sources of the trust.
Requirements - Signature
The CRA will accept an electronic signature on the T183 TRUST if it is applied in accordance with the guidance specified by the CRA.
Privacy notice
Personal information is described in the T3 assessment program - Personal Information Bank, CRA PPU 015, and the personal information bank EFILE Online
Services, CRA PPU 211, and is protected under the Privacy Act. Under this act, individuals have a right to protection and correction of, and access to, their
personal information. Individuals also have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding the CRA's handling of their information.
Paper notice of assessment
You will receive your paper notice of assessment through Canada Post after the CRA has assessed your return.
T183 TRUST E (23) Page 2 of 2