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Protected B when completed
Step 1 – Supporting documentation (continue)
7. Did any member of the RCA or a person related to a member use or lease any property of the RCA? Yes 
  If yes, send us the complete details
8. Did the RCA trust loan money out of the RCA? If yes, give us the date it made the loan(s). If you did not Year Month Day  
  submit a loan agreement previously, send us a copy.  
9. Were any amounts transferred to, or received from, another RCA during the year? Custodian trust account number
  If yes, send us a copy of the letter of agreement and tell us the other RCA's custodian trust account number. T
10. If the employer submitted the RCA for registration under the Income Tax Act as a registered pension plan
(RPP) and we refused to register the arrangement as an RPP, send us a copy of the final determination

Year Month Day
  letter and indicate the final determination date in the box on the right.  
11. Is the RCA one of the following: Yes 
    • a deemed trust under subsection 207.6(1)
    • a trust which is not resident in Canada
    • a trust which meets one of the exceptions listed under paragraphs 150(1.2)(a) or (b)?
  If yes, the trust is not required to complete a T3 Schedule 15, Beneficial Ownership information of a trust.
Step 2 – Details of contributions received during the year
 Part 1 – Amounts received from employer
 (Give details for each contribution received from an employer during the year. Send us a separate list if required.)
Date contribution received   Amount received  
  Year     Month   Day  
   x 2   
Total contributions from employer  6021   = 1
The total in box 18 on all the slips has to equal the amount on line 1. Transfer this amount to line 2 of Step 3
Send us a copy 2 of the T737-RCA information slips
 Part 2 – Amounts received directly from an RCA member (Send us a separate list if required.)
Date contribution received Name of member who made the contribution Amount received  
  Year     Month   Day  
Total contributions from members (Add lines 1 to 12 above)  6031   2
Transfer this amount to line 3 of Step 3     
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