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T3 Federal Foreign Tax Credits for Trusts  
Use this form to calculate the amount the trust can deduct from federal tax for 2023 or a later tax year. If the trust was resident in Canada at any time in the tax
year and paid non-business or business taxes to a foreign country on income from outside Canada, and the trust reported that income on its Canadian return, it
can claim this credit. Calculate the credit separately for each country to which foreign income tax or profits taxes were paid and send the completed Form T3FFT
with the trust's return. If the trust paid no foreign business income tax, and the total foreign non-business income tax paid is $200 or less, separate calculations are
not required. Only send one form. For more information, see Income Tax Folio S5-F2-C1, Foreign Tax Credit.
Country or countries for which the trust is making this claim:   
  Federal non-business foreign tax credit
  Non-business income tax paid to a foreign country (1)  22091 • 1
  Net foreign non-business income(2)  22092   Basic federal tax(4)   =    2
  Divided by: net income(3)    X  
  Enter the amount from line 1 or line 2, whichever is less. Federal non-business foreign tax credit    3
  Federal business foreign tax credit
  Business income tax paid to a foreign country (5) for the year, plus any unused foreign tax credits
  for that country for the 10 (6) years before, and the 3 years after this year 22093 • 4
  Net foreign business income (7) 22094   Basic federal tax (8)  =    5
  Divided by: net income (3)   X  
  Federal surtax on income the trust earned outside Canada: amount from line 9 of Part 2 of Form T3MJ, T3 Provincial and
Territorial Taxes – Multiple Jurisdictions, or the amount from line 21 of Schedule 11. Enter the amount that applies to the
  country or countries that the trust has identified at the top of this page.   + 6
  Add lines 5 and 6   = 7
  Add basic federal tax (8) and the amount from line 6   8  
  Enter the amount from line 3, if any   9  
  Line 8 minus line 9   = 10
  Enter the amount from line 4, 6, or 10, whichever is less. Federal business foreign tax credit    11
  Federal foreign tax credit
  Add lines 3 and 11. Federal foreign tax credit    12
  The amount on line 12 should not be more than the amount on line 42900 of your return.
  Enter the amount from line 12 on line 40500 of your return.
(1) Non-business income tax paid to a foreign country
(2) Net foreign non-business income
(3) Net income
(4) Basic federal tax
(5) Business income tax paid to a foreign country
(6) Unused foreign tax credits
(7) Net foreign business income
(8) Basic federal tax
For detailed information, please read the description on T3FFT
T3 FFT E (23) (Ce formulaire est disponible en français.) Canada Logo