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2023 Statement A  
Expenses Operation 1 of 1  
Enter the applicable code for each entry on the form. The codes are listed in the Commodity list and in the Program payment lists included in Guide RC4408.
Round all expense amounts to the nearest dollar.
Commodity purchases and repayment
of program benefits
Code Amount   Non-allowable expenses Line Amount
Point of sale adjustments 575    Machinery (repairs, licences, insurance) 9760
   Machinery lease/rental 9765
   Advertising and promotion costs 9792
   Building and fence repairs 9795
   Land clearing and draining 9796
   Agricultural contract work 9798
   Other insurance premiums 9804
   Interest (real estate, mortgage, other) 9805
   Memberships/subscription fees 9807
   Office expenses 9808
   Legal and accounting fees 9809
   Property taxes 9810
   Rent (land, buildings, pastures) 9811
   Non-arm's length salaries 9816
   Motor vehicle expenses 9819
   Small tools 9820
   Soil testing 9821
   Licences/permits 9823
Total C: Total of commodity purchases         Telephone 9824
and repayment of program benefits  9960 $    Quota rental (tobacco, dairy) 9825
   Gravel 9826
         Purchases of commodities resold 9827
Allowable expenses
   Motor vehicle interest and leasing costs 9829
Containers and twine 9661    Capital cost allowance    
Fertilizers and soil supplements 9662    (complete Form T1175)
Pesticides and chemical treatments 9663    Mandatory inventory adjustments    
Insurance premiums (crop or production) 9665    – prior year
Veterinary fees, medicine, and breeding fees 9713    Optional inventory adjustments – prior year 9938
Minerals and salts 9714    Other (specify): 9896
Machinery (gasoline, diesel fuel, oil) 9764        
Electricity 9799        
Freight and shipping 9801        
Heating fuel 9802        
Arm's length salaries 9815        
Storage/drying 9822        
Commissions and levies 9836        
Private insurance premiums for       Total E: Total of non-allowable expenses  $
allowable commodities
Summary of expenses
        Total C 
        Total D   
        Total E   

Total D: Total of allowable expenses 
 $   Total expenses: add Total C, Total D, and Total E
(enter on line 9968 on page 6) 
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