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2023 Statement A  
Identification – Complete a form T1274 (Statement B) for each additional farming operation. Operation 1 of 1  
Farm name Address: City: Postal code:  
  Method of accounting  
Sole proprietorship Partnership   Enter Code 1: If you are using the accrual
method for tax purposes and the
Note: If you indicate you are in a partnership, complete the partnership information section on page 5.   AgriStability and AgriInvest programs.
Fiscal period   Enter Code 2: If you are using the cash
  From     to         method for tax purposes and the
  Year   Month   Day   Year   Month   Day     AgriStability and AgriInvest programs.
Was your farming operation involved in any of the following? (Tick all applicable boxes for this operation.)
a member of a feeder association a crop share (landlord) a crop share (tenant)
Enter the applicable code for each entry on the form. The codes are listed in the Commodity list and in the Program payment lists included in RC4408,
Farming Income and the AgriStability and AgriInvest Programs Harmonized Guide.
Round all income amounts to the nearest dollar.
Commodity sales and
program payments
Code Amount   Other farming income Line Amount
   Other program payments 9540
   Business risk management (BRM) and    
   disaster assistance program payments
   Resales, rebates, GST/HST for    
   allowable expenses
   Resales, rebates, GST/HST for    
   non-allowable expenses, and recapture of
   capital cost allowance (CCA)    
   Agricultural contract work 9601
   Patronage dividends 9605
   Interest 9607
   Gravel 9610
   Trucking (farm-related only) 9611
   Resales of commodities purchased 9612
   Leases (gas, oil well, surface, etc.) 9613
   Machine rentals 9614
   Other (specify): 9600
        Total B: Total of other farming income  $
Summary of income
        Total A 
        Total B   
        Gross farming income: Total A plus Total B  
Total A: Total of commodity sales and
program payments

$   (enter on line 9959 on page 6 of this form and on
line 14099 of your income tax return)
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