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Curious to know your gross employment income, net pay, deducted tax, CPP/EI amounts and pay-up dates, even RRSP contributions? this amazing employment income tax calculator tells you all these information right away.
The tax calculator is integrated with T4 slip and displays the calculated data in the corresponding boxes after the annual salary is entered. Some features are listed below:
Prorates the gross income based on the working days if the employment starts/ends in the middle of the year;
Allows 3 periods to handle increased salaries;
The CPP contributions will be exempted fully or partially as per taxpayer's age;
The CPP/EI pay-up time is accurate on a specific date;
Works for all Canada provinces/territories. Changing province code in box 10 will update all amounts accordingly;
Supports years from 2011 to 2024. The employment year can be changed by the year drop-down box.
Try this fantastic tax calculator, you can know your income status and plan your tax in advance. Have fun!
    Employer's name - Nom de l'employeur   Flag   Canada Revenue
 Agence du revenu
 du Canada


    Year 2023   Statement of Remuneration Paid
      Année     État de la rémunération payée
  Employer-offered dental benefits Employment income Income tax deducted
    Prestations dentaires offertes par l'employeur Revenus d'emploi Impôt sur le revenu retenu
      45   14   22
    Province of employment Employee's CPP contributions Employee's QPP contributions
Employer's account number / Numéro de compte de l'employeur   Province d'emploi Cotisations de l'employé au RPC Cotisations de l'employé au RRQ
  54     10   16   17
  Social insurance number   Exempt - Exemption   Employment code Employee's second CPP contributions Employee's second QPP contributions
  Numéro d'assurance sociale   CPP/QPP EI   PPIP   Code d'emploi Deuxièmes cotisations de l'mployé au RPC Deuxièmes cotisations de l'employé au RRQ
  12   28       29   16A   17A
  RPC/RRQ AE RPAP   EI insurable earnings CPP/QPP pensionable earnings
    Employee's name and address – Nom et adresse de l'employé   Gains assurables d'AE Gains ouvrant droit à pension – RPC/RRQ
    Last name (in capital letters) – Nom de famille (en lettres moulées) First name – Prénom Initial – Initiale   24   26
        Employee's EI premiums Union dues
          Cotisations de l'employé à l'AE Cotisations syndicales
      18   44
          RPP contributions Charitable donations - see the back
          Cotisations à un RPA Dons de bienfaisance – voir au verso
      20   46
      Pension adjustment RPP or DPSP registration number
      Facteur d'équivalence N° d'agrément d'un RPA ou d'un RPDB
        52   50
      Employee's PPIP premiums – see over PPIP insurable earnings
      Cotisations de l'employé au RPAP – voir au verso Gains assurables du RPAP
      55   56
  Other information Box – Case Amount – Montant Box – Case Amount – Montant Box – Case Amount – Montant  
  (see over)            
  renseignements Box – Case Amount – Montant Box – Case Amount – Montant Box – Case Amount – Montant  
  (voir au verso)            
T4 (23) Protected B when completed / Protégé B une fois rempli
Check this box to transfer tax to Quebec
Transferred tax amount: