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(Quick edit form) - 2023
Box description Box
Employer's name:  
Employer's address:  
Employment income - line 10100 14
Income tax deducted - line 43700 22
Province of employment 10
Employee's CPP contributions 16
Employee's QPP contributions 17
Employee's second CPP contributions 16A
Employee's second QPP contributions 17A
EI insurable earnings 24
CPP/QPP pensionable earnings 26
Employee's EI premiums 18
Union dues 44
RPP contributions - line 20700 20
Charitable donations 46
Exempt - CPP/QPP 28
Exempt - EI 28
Exempt - PPIP 28
Employment code 29
Pension adjustment – line 20600 52
RPP or DPSP registration number 50
Employee's PPIP premiums 55
PPIP insurable earnings 56
Employee's name:  
Employee's address:  
Other information
Other information
Other information
Other information
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