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AdvTax NETFILE/EFILE Online 2024(Certified Canada tax software for 2023) is extremely easy and incredible fast. Almost everyone can complete income tax return preparation within 5 minutes. The following demos will guide you through how to prepare your tax returns.

  • Demo 1 - For single person: The full process of registering a user, adding the taxpayer information, preparing a tax file with one T4 and one T5 slip, downloading tax file to local storage and uploading it to Canada Revenue Agency(CRA) NETFILE web site can be completed for just 1 minute 47 seconds. This video clip will show you how fast the AdvTax is.
  • Demo 2 - For family: The full process to add the taxpayers info of a couple with 2 children, input tax data of T4 slips, T5 slips and T778, download the tax and PDF files and upload to CRA NETFILE web site can be completed for just 4 minute and 23 seconds. This video clip will show you how easy the AdvTax is.
Frequently asked questions:
Q: I cannot login to my account.
A: Please click the "Update user info" link on login page to update your password. You may also click the "Find my user id" link to retrieve your user id at AdvTax.
Q: What is NETFILE access code and where can I find it?
A: NETFILE access code is new for tax year 2020. Your unique Access code can be found on your Notice of Assessment (NOA) of a previous tax year. Please see CRA notice about NETFILE access code for details.
Q: How to prepare tax return more easier and fast?
A: Please use AutoFill function which is available by clicking the AFR button in control panel on top area. Using Auto fill function requires login to Canada Revenue Agency my-account in separate browser session. If you don't have CRA My-Account setup, please visit CRA My-Account to register beforehand.
Q: I have finished my tax preparation, what's the next step?
A: Please click the "File return" button to submit the tax return, or click the Download button the file download dialog will show up. Save the return .pdf file in your local disk storage and send it to CRA for paper return(in case online filing not accepted by CRA).
Q: How do I know if my tax return is accepted or not?
A: After clicking the "File return" button and "Agree Terms and Conditions" button, you should receive a page with confirmation number from CRA online service right away. The confirmation number will be displayed on bottom of T1 page 1.
Q: There is an error returned. How to resolve it?
A: Sometimes when filing tax return online, there is is an error returned. No panic, please read the returned message carefully. Usually the message will tell what is wrong and how to fix it.
Q: How to do tax return adjustment or how to make corrections for the filed tax return?
A: The tax file is locked after the tax return is filed to CRA. You may unlock the tax file by trying to make a change on any editable field. After correcting the errors in tax file, just click the File return again to ReFile your return.
Q: What tax credits/deductions am I eligible to claim?
A: Please visit the page What tax credits/deductions could I miss claiming? to see the tax credits/deductions checklist.
Q: How to claim employment expenses for working at home due to COVID-19?
A: Canada Revenue Agency introduced new T777S form for claiming employment expenses for working from home due to COVID-19. Please Please visit form T777S for details. There are 2 options "Temporary flat rate method" and "Detailed method" in T777S for choosing.
Q: How can I get a printable version?
A: You may download the PDF file by selecting file type .pdf in drop-down box besides Download button. The PDF file is printable and almost exactly same as official forms. This is for your record.
Q: How do I print a single form/page?
A: There are 2 options. 1) Select the form page or whole form and click the Print button on the bottom bar. If you use the Chrome browser you may preview the form and save the form as a PDF file by clicking button Change(under Destination section) and select "Save as PDF". 2) Open the downloaded PDF file from last question and select the specific pages to print.
Q: Can I use AdvTax to file the tax return of previous years?
A: Yes, AdvTax allows preparing the income tax return for previous years(since 2011) as well. However, CRA won't accept the tax return older than 3 years by online. You have to down the PDF file, print out the pages and paper mail the tax return pages to CRA.
Q: Why there is no T4A(P), T4A(OAS) or T4RSP?
A: Please select the form T4A(P), T4A(OAS) or T4RSP in the left bottom drop-down list.
Q: How can I get efile number?
A: AdvTax is certified by both CRA NETFILE and EFILE programs. If you are individual user and prepare tax return for yourself or your family please click the button "Online tax" or select your tax province to start. If you are a professional(accountant) user and do not have an EFILE number please check CRA web site
Q: Why I cannot sign my tax file?
A: NETFILE is the paper-less way to file tax return and the online filing tax file only contains amounts data so you cannot sign it.
Q: I cannot input information on the box 14, 60, etc on T4RSP or other slip. The program won't let me enter all of the information on my T3.
A: Since the NETFILE only needs the amounts in the slips some of the boxes are not available to input information currently.
Q: My birth year is wrong. How to correct it?
A: The AdvTax software has strong protections to prevent errors and wrong operations. If you accidently enter a wrong birth year please click the Move button and the Dicard button to remove the taxpayer and then add again.
Q: What is the Address care of line?
A: Address care of line is for the taxpayer without fixed address and he/she uses a friend's address for CRA to send assessment notice to. It is obsolete and most people won't need it.
Q: How do I input the data on T2202/T2202A form?
A: Please enter the data from T2202/T2202A on federal Schedule 11 and provincial S11.
More questions? Please use AdvTax Search function. It is very powerful so you may search the forms, tax entries to find your answer.