AdvTax NETFILE/EFILE 2014 (for tax year 2013) has been certified. Prepare tax year 2013 return and file your tax return anywhere with devices like laptop, Android tablet, Surface or even Android phone.
CRA tax NETFILE Certified CRA tax EFILE Certified
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AdvTax EFILE/NETFILE Online 2014 is extremely easy and incredible fast. Almost everyone can complete tax file preparation within 5 minutes. Please watch the following demos to experience the power of AdvTax or click to start preparing your tax return now. It is FREE for all Canadian taxpayers to use AdvTax NETFILE to online file tax return of year 2013.

  • • Demo 1 - File single tax return: The full process of registering a user, adding the taxpayer information, preparing a tax file with one T4 and one T5 slip, downloading tax file to local storage and uploading the tax file to Canada Revenue Agency NETFILE web site can be completed for just 1 minute 47 seconds. This video clip will show you how fast the AdvTax is.
  • • Demo 2 - File family tax returns: The full process to add the taxpayers info of a couple with 2 children, input tax data of T4 slips, T5 slips and T778, download the tax and PDF files and upload 2 tax files to CRA NETFILE web site can be completed for just 4 minute and 23 seconds. This video clip will show you how easy the AdvTax is.
  • • Demo 3 - File Self-Employment tax return: The full process to add tax data of T4, T4A, T3, T5, the forms of Schedule 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, T776, T2125, T2209, T1212, T936, T691 and RC310, download tax file and upload the file to CRA NETFILE web site can be completed for just more than 1 minute(if your input data fast enough). This video clip will show you how professional the AdvTax is.
Top reasons to choose the AdvTax software to prepare your tax file return:
1) Super fast, 3-5 minutes to complete regular tax return for a single person and about 10 minutes for a family;
2) All forms are visually fillable/editable, and preparing tax file is amazing, incredible easy;
3) Multiple languages supported: English, French(Français) and Chinese(中文);
4) High security and privacy, meets very strict software security standards; all sensitive data are encrypted; the SIN and names can be erased or scrabbled after filing tax return.
5) Minimum input, no any data needs to be input twice, no calculation needed in the form level;
6) Prepare tax return and file tax return anywhere with devices like laptop, iPad, Android tablet, Windows8 Surface or even Android cell phone;
7) Optimized result, most allowed credit will be dug out for you;
8) Friendly, almost same with the official tax forms and slips, the user only needs to copy the info from the slip into the same location on the screen;
9) Intelligent, dynamic advice guides to finish the tax forms for persons without any tax preparing knowledge; powerful search helps find everything;
10) Broad support, any province/territories or even foreign income, most forms, able to prepare a tax return by using any major popular browsers(IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) on Windows, Mac OS or Android;
11) Online support will help you quickly solve the issues encountered during tax preparing process.
12) History tracking, can display previous returns by a click any time;
By using AdvTax you can finish preparing your tax file very quickly with the result better than most professional people.
The 4 steps for completing a regular tax return and the time spent on each step are as below:
1) Register a new user: 15-30 seconds
2) Add taxpayer information and complete the mandatory fields(marital status, language, citizen, GST, foreign property): 30-60 seconds
3) Copy the tax data from slips to the same location on the AdvTax screen pages and save tax forms: 30 seconds - 2 minutes
4) Fill the non calculated special fields if you have: 15-30 seconds
By completing the above 4 steps your tax return is ready for filing.

Even though you can get the .tax file completed in a few minutes, however, reviewing your file is very necessary and you will find more surprise. Please experience AdvTax now

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AdvTax can process all CRA NETFILE/EFILE required forms / slips of federal and all Canada provinces / territories.

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